Sways is becoming Witten Lab

Jul 1, 2018

We started Sways(Simplest Ways) more than 4 years ago as the small team who built apps for Mac and Windows. Early in 2014, we launched our first app Superstring - Lyric video editor. in 2016, we launched our second app Membrane - cover image editor.

Since then, our products have been getting better and we grew. We were driven by the idea of helping people, to make stunning things in less time.

This year we have released the most advanced versions of Superstring and Membrane for both Mac and Windows. We’ve seen our audience grow this year to a level that is larger than the past three years combined.

We are changing our name to Witten Lab to reflect our growth, changes and a mission.

We think that this name is a better fit, since we’re no longer a only app developer. It’s also closer to where we want to go in the near future. The name change will be happening gradually. We will continue to use Sways(Simplest Ways) this year, and early in 2019 we’ll completely switch to Witten Lab.

Witten Lab is still small, and we will try much harder to continue our growth by putting our users first. We will work hard to make it better.

If you give jeky;;s a chance, we’ll surprise you. We’ll make you happy with new apps and updates. We’ll help you make incredible things in less time. Let’s stay in touch as we grow together and welcome to Witten Lab apps.